Christ Centered. Academically Focused.
Since the elementary grades provide the academic and spiritual training for later grades, using a strong academic curriculum from a Christian publisher is very important.  Selecting a curriculum that meets the academic standards at each grade is a priority.  A common curriculum also ensures continuity and flow of the material from grade to grade. 

It is our goal to ensure the elementary curriculum meets both the academic and spiritual standards that have been established by GCS. GCS curriculum aligns with the academic standards set forth by the State of Indiana.  Additional academic opportunities are also made available that will allow our elementary students to further develop their skills and knowledge base.

Accelerated Reader (AR)
AR is a comprehension-based program that allows students to read at a level that is “comfortable” for them. At this reading level, the student is able to successfully comprehend what is being read. Upon completion of a book, the student takes a quiz on a computer that connects them to the AR data base. Their comprehension and reading levels are monitored by the classroom teacher and are adjusted as appropriate. The goal is to see each student improve their comprehension and reading level.

Rocket Math
This program provides an opportunity for students to master math facts at all levels. Each student has an accuracy goal for their math fact drills. As goals are met, students progress through higher levels of math facts. This is a supplemental way of ensuring our students are mastering the skills necessary for success in math.

Additionally, all elementary students participate in Computer, Physical Education, Music, Art & Library.